Students face exam cruelty

To intentionally jeopardise a pupil’s future is clearly a serious offence

The Minister of Education has alienated many teaching staff and a large proportion of Bac examiners, who have refused to correct or mark exam papers.

An examiner at a gathering to announce results to students brandished the hundred or so exam papers she refused to mark “as a matter of principle”. This has happened all over the country.

Students urgently needing the results for their university or professional pursuance are thwarted openly and callously by the examining committees.

What seems a fairly sure way ahead is a recourse to justice, with the teachers and examiners who have refused to give the students their results or even mark their papers being held personally and collectively responsible under legal action to be taken against them.

To intentionally jeopardise a pupil’s future in this way by an employee of the national education system is clearly a serious offence, exposing the teachers and examiners to potential criminal charges.

Stephen Burrough, Charente

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