Watch out at lights in France

RE: the Article regarding Traffic Radar Cameras (November issue), I would like to add the following.

It is not just speed cameras – twice in a year I have been caught “infringing” a “red” traffic light. I do not believe I did but it is a situation where it is impossible to argue the contrary. The notice arrives 10 to 14 days after the offence, there are no witnesses you can call, and these cameras are not advertised in the same manner as most “speed trap cameras”.

I now have eight points due to traffic light cameras, which I would dispute, and am scheduled for a course to recuperate some of them at a cost of €180.

There appears to be no flexibility – there used to be a small percentage speedometer-allowed error, but this appears now not to be the case, similarly with amber lights.

A French acquaintance told me he had received points for the same offence and thought it was because he had stopped slightly ahead of the white line.

In future, even if I consider it would be safer to carry on through an amber, I will stop and if someone behind cannot cope with it, then let us hope they are insured.

Tony Lea, by email

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