Will temporary carte de séjour give future rights?

Thanks for your article on Brexit implications for second homeowners in France . I’ve been waiting for this kind of information – and more – for a long time.

Can you say if I can, as a (retired) second-home owner who meets income and health insurance requirements, apply for a temporary carte de séjour without becoming French tax-resident?

In the event of a ‘no-deal’, would possession of one make a difference to one’s rights to enter France and stay for longer periods in the Schengen zone than non-EU citizens currently can?

Changing tax residency from the UK to France can be a difficult process, limiting the amount of time one can spend in the UK.

David Bennett, by email

Unfortunately cartes de séjour are for full-time residents of France not spending more than six months away in total per year. 

Proof required typically includes a utility bill from each six-month half of the year for as long as you have been in France (for the last five years if applying for a ‘permanent’ residency card or less if applying for temporary cards of a year or five-year duration).

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