Little England’s vote unchanged

The BBC’s Inside Europe: 10 years of turmoil was an elegant, thorough and balanced look at how the UK, whose relationship with Europe was always fraught and divisive, voted to leave the EU in 2016.

Brook Lapping, the production company, gained access to almost all the key players in the troubled road to that apocalyptic vote. Despite the absence of David Cameron and Theresa May, it was an excellent analysis.

Donald Tusk was impressive but it was Nicolas Sarkozy who cut to the heart of the matter, observing the British had always believed that alone they have more influence than working with Europe: “They’re wrong!”

For those who thought people were led astray and a second referendum might save the day, it was revelatory.

It left little doubt the truculent, xenophobic Little Englanders who voted leave would do so again.

Rev Dr John Cameron, St Andrews, UK

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