Brexit fails basic analysis

In my multinational company career, no project would be undertaken before a cost benefit analysis had been carried out by a project team and approved by a management review board – in our case, a quality review board made up of a select team representing the stakeholders who would pay for the project.

23 January 2019
By Connexion journalist

In the case of Brexit, the stakeholders would be the UK taxpayers, whose representatives could be selected by the prime minister.

Without going into detail, it would be difficult to justify the continuation of such a project at any of the review stages, solely from the pertinent cost benefit analysis – EU divorce cost of £39billion and an estimate of £500million per week for manpower and expenses. Estimated time to recover costs is 10-plus years! Even the most ardent Brexiteers should find it hard supporting such an expenditure, recognising that all UK taxpayers will pay for it.

The cost-effective solution for Brexit is Remain and keep, among others, most Connexion readers happy. Let logic win over selfish politics … and let the pound improve, so our UK pensions can buy more rosé!

Michael BROWNE, Bouches-du-Rhône

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