Doctors have tunnel vision on homeopathy

21 February 2018

RE your recent article on homeopathy (January). My wife was an NHS nurse and didn’t believe in homeopathy whereas I had used it successfully for various ailments like ’flu, migraine, etc. I haven’t had a cold, never mind ’flu, for 20 years. She is now a convert.

Our son Steven was born without a hip joint so could not walk without falling. In all, after eight years of treatment on and off he still had problems walking and the consultant told us he could be disabled for life. We decided to visit a recommended homeopathic doctor in Enfield. Every month Steve got better and better, and after eight years no longer needed Great Ormond Street.

Also during the early days when Steven was about three he contracted severe bronchitis. Our local GP tried every available antibiotic over a four-week period (when none of us got any sleep), to no avail. Again we asked the homeopath. He gave us remedies for Steven, who after two weeks was cured of the bronchitis.

We had many friends with health problems who visited our homeopathic doctor and only one didn’t have a positive result.

Why so many doctors are against homeopathy when it works and is so much cheaper than conventional medicines, I don’t know. Tunnel vision.

M. Aitken, by email


In 2009 I contracted polyarthritis and having only been prescribed ineffective analgesics by my GP, I was recommended to see a homeopathic doctor who effected a cure in six months.

I know of another who was given steroids and was still ill years later. You can read my entire case history by going to:

The routine for the medicines was complicated so I set out a spreadsheet on the computer to maintain the correct timing etc.

Neville Gay (aged 83 in March), Dordogne

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