No-deal Brexit will be ‘irresponsible’

The UK government’s willingness to accept a no-deal solution shows that they are moved by irresponsible considerations.

These include a massive exportation of capital, which some two months ago was estimated as already worth a thousand billion euros; a resulting massive unemployment risk due to the flight of many international companies, with a notable rise in unemployment; a considerable loss of real estate values; the devaluation of the pound, already around 10%; a need to increase taxation; the exclusion of UK university students from Erasmus, just to mention a few of the serious consequences.

A second referendum is a moral must and the voting public must be honestly informed of the probable drastic consequences, political, economical and socially.

I am sure there are more than enough to recommend a serious rethink before it is too late.

I hope this will take place... and in time.

Malcolm Duncan, Milan/Nice

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