Our Christmas mail has just arrived... in February

21 February 2018

Further to your online item on Royal Mail compensation for Christmas mail arriving late from the UK and having failed to get anywhere on the link given, I phoned today on the number given. I was told that there is no compensation paid by Royal Mail for the delay in international items. I think your item gave false hope.

Susan Churchill, by email


What has happened re: this last Christmas’s post? I am still receiving cards that were posted before Christmas. I was disappointed how many I received over the Christmas period, but received nine in late January. I have checked the postal dates and stamps, all were posted well before Christmas. All had the same postal stamp of £1.57.

Val Watson, Aude


Editor’s note: Our article said it ‘may be possible to claim’ – the link was for senders to claim on tracked items; international recipients cannot claim. This link explains more: royalmail.com/international-compensation. Royal Mail have now also issued this statement: “Despite severe weather in the UK causing some minor delays across the network, our enhanced delivery pipeline to France operated on schedule throughout the peak Christmas period. All letters and Christmas cards were delivered to La Poste in Lille and arrived by the agreed daily cut-off time throughout this period.”

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