Piste safety: keep skis on

20 February 2017

The ski article in last month’s Connexion was excellent except for the bit which said, ‘If something is too steep or too scary, simply laugh it off and walk down.’ I can fully understand that sentiment but one should never take skis off on a ski run, especially a steep one.
My daughter-in-law was once having a bad day and decided she was walking the rest of the way. A ski instructor came by and went ballistic at us. He then proceeded to explain why you never remove skis and walk down. By removing your skis you take away those long ski edges that cut into the snow and keep you stable.

Keith WALKER, Haute-Savoie

Jérémie Noyrey from the ski instructors’ union suggests taking advice on which slopes are suitable for your level, and takingthe lift down if you get to the top of a piste and realise it is too difficult. If you do get stuck, however, he advises attracting the attention of a ski instructor, or walking with little sideways steps down the side of the piste with skis horizontal to the slope.

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