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The English Speaking Union France was founded by Beatrix de Montgermont Keil in Paris in 1987 as an association to welcome newcomers to France and to create global understanding as well as cross-cultural friendships through English.

Today, our aim is to create new branches, to advise and help existing ones and to represent the French ESU abroad. Our branches organise educational programmes, parliamentary internships, cultural visits, meetings, conferences, round tables, debates, public interviews, networking events,informal meet-up groups and theatre workshops.

The French educational system does not enable the students to get involved in the programs having very little time for extra-curricular activities. However, the Loire valley branch is particularly active and efficient in supporting the IPSC and sends a finalist to London every year. They work in partnership with the English Language Library in Angers: ELLIA and with the Maison de l’Europe d’Angers to prepare students in their region for the IPSC and to fund the competition.

The Paris branch is a member of the British Community Committee, France-Amériques, Tower Bridge association. It offers a wide range of cultural activities in connection with the English-speaking world, and organizes visits and trips. It has been involved in the successful parliamentary internships for more than a decade now.

Our branch in Strasbourg, being situated in the city home to the headquarters of the European Parliament, arranges meetings and debates at the Strasbourg press club, and occasionally joint meetings with La Maison de l’Europe et de l’Alsace.

The Bordeaux branch initiated the now very popular “English café”. It has started a theatre workshop with a South African cultural association.

All the branches volunteer to propose an extensive program of activities in English, enabling people to participate, improve their English, broaden their horizon, and build friendly relations.

Please see our website for more details and branch information.

Phone: 06 70 19 57 49

Website: www.esufrance.org