Photo gallery: Your nature images from around France

We asked readers for their best nature shots - here are our favourites

3 October 2017
A deer by Michael Handelman

We asked readers to send us their nature shots from around France. We had some superb photographs land in our inbox. Here are our favourites, in no particular order...

Pic du Canigò in Pyrénées-Orientales by Chantal Eremian
Hummingbird moth by Alison Howells in Gard
Butterfly by Alison Howells in Gard
Cigale by Alison Howells in Gard
Caterpillar by Alison Howells in Gard
Butterfly by Janey Jones
Woods by Janey Jones
Sunflowers in Gers by Michael Handelman
Deer by Michael Handelman
Poppies by Michael Handelman
Robin by Richard Fell in the Lot
Woodpecker by Richard Fell in the Lot
River Salat walk by Robin Turner
Horses on the beach in Normandy by Michael Handelman
waterfall at Labatch de Cazaux in the Pyrenees by Michael Handelman
Fox and hare standoff by Keith Allen
Cattle at Bagneres de Luchon by Michael Handelman
Lake at Pic du Neouvielle The Pyrenees by Michael Handelman
Lavender in the Gard by Alison Barnes
Hoopoe uses car mirror as a perch by Ken Smith
Fly under the macro lens by Ken Smith
Close up by Albert Sweeney
Camargue walk by Meg & Neil Shephard
Meg Shephard Camargue flamingoes
Flower meadow at the hospital by Lynda Lewis
Meadow by Lynda Lewis
Hummingbird Hawk moth by Ken Smith
Les Landes Michael Landesman
Sheep in the Pyrenees by Michael Handelman
Springtime by Michael Handelman
Spring flowers Michael Handelman
Swallow butterflies by Edward and June Gunstone
John Adams
Butterfly by Lynne Spaight
Woodpeckers by Jane Booth in Auvergne
Michael Handelman autumn in the Pyrenees
Michael Handelman: squirrel in the Pyrenees
Michael Handelman autumn

Which is your favourite shot? Let us know in the comments box below.

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