EU should be tough on UK, poll finds

Voters in France believe that the UK should be offered an unfavourable deal in Brexit negotiations, according to a survey. 

A total 39% of French people think the EU should offer unfavourable terms, compared to 19% who thought that the terms should be UK-friendly, the Ipsos-Mori poll found. Similar patterns of those in favour of a tough stance on negotiations were repeated in Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium. 

Only Hungarians apparently share the British view that the Brexit deal should favour the UK, according to the poll, published in The Guardian. 

The French were also the least moved about the referendum result. Only 25% said they were saddened by the electorate's decision on June 24, compared to 48% of Swedes - and 49% of Britons. 

Meanwhile, a quarter of respondents on the continent said they were less likely to visit the UK after the decision to quit the EU. A similar amount said they were less likely to buy British as a result. Two-thirds of respondents, however, said the vote made no difference on either of these issues 

Surveyors interviewed a representative sample of 12,525 adults of working age in 16 countries between 24 June and 8 July. 

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