Expats: Official update on where EU/UK agree or not

The UK government and the EU have this afternoon published jointly a table showing areas where the UK and EU agree or disagree on citizens' rights – and it includes agreement on lifetime exportability of uprated pensions and on social security and healthcare rights.

You will note that the publication, which follows the conclusion of this week’s talks in Brussels, shows many areas of agreement but that there are some areas where the UK is now offering more rights than the EU.

These include local voting rights and the right for British expats to continue to move freely around the EU after Brexit.

The UK also proposes that EU27 citizens in the UK would not need to show they had health cover or had done ‘genuine and effective work’ in order to have accrued years of legal residence. In some circumstances existing EU rules, which the EU proposes to maintain, may require these for groups like early retirees and the self-employed. 

The document also shows that both the EU and UK agree that the permanent residence rights of established expats would be lost after two years away.


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