Normandy region builds on enduring UK ties

Normandy tourism chief Michael Dodds wants to make sure Brexit doesn't come between the region and UK

The Normandy region – whose tourism chief is himself British – has told Connexion about its plans to retain and build on its ancient links with the UK beyond Brexit, and why it used an image of Nigel Farage in a Bayeux Tapestry tie to mark Brexit day.

Michael Dodds, who heads the Normandy tourist board (Normandie Tourisme) and Normandie Attractivité said they went for an unusual tongue-in-cheek marketing strategy on Brexit day. It consisted of an image of arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage sporting a Bayeux Tapestry tie, along with the slogan ‘Some Ties Endure’.

Mr Dodds said when Brexit happened it was natural that Normandy had to mark it because “Normandy and the UK go back a long way – to William the Conqueror”.

“The Tower of London, for example, is one of the many British monuments built by Normans. You could say the English are really all Normans since 1066, and the Queen is still referred to in the Channel Islands as the Duc de Normandie and there are all sorts of traces of Norman law in British law.

“At a time where Britain is coming out of the EU I and my colleagues felt we had to make a gesture to say that we can’t just dismantle history that easily. We do have very strong connections and we want to keep them going.

“Hence the idea of a friendly gesture in the national press – and with a London ...

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