Deal, no deal, no Brexit? 2019 will be a big year

This will be a significant year for Britons in France – from the start of a new tax system to (it is hoped) the long-awaited end of the 15-year voting rule for British elections, and a fast-approaching Brexit day (assuming it is not all called off). We look at some of the changes in store for France this year

Some items, such as certain health and finance matters, were subject to a vote on 2019 budget laws on going to press, but are unlikely to change significantly.


Full reimbursement of a range of quality glasses, hearing aids and dental prosthetics (crowns/bridges) will be phased in from 2019 to 2021. Carried out via state funding and top-up insurance, it is called 100% santé and is open to all residents.

  • Lower earners will see the end of the Aide au Paiement d’une Com­plé­mentaire Santé (ACS) that helps them pay for a top-up health policy. From November 1, those qualifying will move to the CMU-C, which offers ‘free’ healthcare to low earners. Depending on age and means, they will have to pay a monthly contribution of no more than €30.
  • Daily accommodation fees in the Forfait journalier hospitalier that helps cover the cost of a hospital stay rise from €18 to €20.
  • Early diagnosis, monitoring and care of children who may be autistic or have other developmental issues is to be set up and reimbursed.
  • Plans to offer medically-assisted conception to all women, including same-sex couples, will be debated this year as part of a bioethics law.
  • The first posts will be created for assistants médicaux, who will be fund- ed to support GPs and specialists in areas with a shortage of doctors. They will assist by welcoming patients, taking blood pressure, making appoint­ments with specialists, billing etc.
  • A three-year experiment starts in which some A&Es will be paid for sending patients who are not emergency cases to see a GP instead.
  • Trials of flu jabs in pharmacies are being extended to two further regions in winter 2018-2019 (Hauts-de-France and Occitanie) with a view to the measure being rolled out everywhere in winter 2019-2020. 

Prices for a cigarette pack rise by 50 centimes in March and then again in November.


Schooling will become obligatory for all from the age of three from the 2019 rentrée in September.

Continuous training credits in the Compte personnel de formation (CPF) that employees, jobseekers and self-employed people now build up will this year consist of a value in euros rather than an amount of hours. During the second half of the year, an app will be launched that will allow credit-holders to manage purchases of training, which can include online learning but must consist of approved courses leading to a certificate.


The tour de France starts from Brus­sels, the capital of Belgium (and the EU). The Grand Départ will be on Satur­day July 6 and the route will cross north-eastern France before heading south-west to the Pyrénées.
The closing stages will be in the Alps before the riders fly to ...

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