Travel form for Britons moving to France before end of year

Any UK citizen still entering France to benefit from the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement needs an exemption form - as do other Britons with a legitimate reason for travelling

26 December 2020
British people coming to France this year to move into a new home will need to present an international travel exemption form to travel companies
By Connexion journalist

British people travelling to France before the end of the year to move into a new home or to establish a home as their principal residency will need to carry with them an exemption form (attestation de déplacement) to show to travel companies. 

A Covid-related travel ban means that British people are not allowed to enter France except under certain circumstances, of which moving into a new home is one. 

British people have until December 31 to establish their residency in France if they are to be eligible for the Withdrawal Agreement cards, which guarantees a continuation of the rights they had as EU citizens in France beyond the Brexit transition deadline. 

You can find the attestation form online on the French government’s website here, in English or French.

You should check the box that reads: 

“Ressortissant britannique souhaitant installer sa résidence principale en France avant le 31 décembre 2020 afin de bénéficier de l’accord de retrait sous réserve de l’examen de sa demande individuelle par le Ministère de l’Intérieur (DGEF/DIMM/SDV) et le Ministère de l’Europe et des affaires étrangères (postes diplomatiques et consulaires.”

Any British person travelling to France will also need to carry with them a sworn statement of absence of Covid-19 symptoms (déclaration sur l’honneur). Find the form here.

Also, regardless of nationality, all travellers over the age of 11 will have to present a laboratory analysis document showing a negative result of a Covid-19 test to travel companies - airlines, train and ferry companies etc. - taken in the past 72 hours. 

Other Britons currently allowed to travel to France, notably those who are already residents, should also bring the attestation form and tick the appropriate box. Bringing proof of residency such as a print-out of an email showing you have applied for one of the new residency cards, is also advisable.

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