UK pension delay 'being resolved'

The Pensions Service says problems over late pensions caused by delays in approving Life Certificates were in the process of being resolved as we went to print.

24 May 2017
By Connexion journalist

Connexion asked the Depart­ment of Work and Pensions what was happening after reader Paul Williams, in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, told us of delays on his pension. He had queried this and said he had been told there were others in France.

The DWP said it was aware of a problem where some Life Certificates – which pensioners have to supply as proof that they are still alive – had not been processed but that it was “a tiny minority” of pensioners and it would be “resolved shortly”.

It is thought fewer than 100 pensioners were affected but the DWP could not say if they were all in France.

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