Is your UK proxy ready to vote for you?

Britons in France who arranged for a proxy vote in tomorrows UK general election should ensure that their request for a proxy was properly registered and their proxy is ready to vote for them.

If you applied to request a proxy this time, your designated proxy should have received a proxy poll card for you – but if they did not, they can still vote for you.

If you have not done so, we strongly recommended you check with the person now to ensure they have a card.

If not, and you have not already done so, first double check – by phoning – as a matter of urgency that the relevant UK council has registered your choice of a proxy vote and the identity of your proxy and also check, if in doubt, which polling station your proxy needs to go to so as to vote for you.

They will have to got to the one designated for your former UK home, unless they arranged to vote by post for you.

If your choice has been properly recorded but the proxy did not receive a card, perhaps due to problems with the post, this does not matter as long as they go to the right polling station and say they are voting as a proxy for you. The polling station should have a record of them already.

If possible, however they should in this case take with them some form of photo ID such as a passport or driving licence.

One local UK council told Connexion that polling stations in its area do not systematically ask for it but it is preferable. It would therefore be advisable for you or your proxy to also check with yours if it is required and what documents are acceptable.

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