Woman killed by hunter's bullet in her garden

a hunter in a hi-vis jacket points gun into a patch of long grass
The hunter who fired the fatal shot is under investigation for manslaughter

Victim was in her garden when she was hit by a bullet fired through a hedge

An Aveyron woman, aged 69, has died after being hit a bullet from a hunter's rifle while she was in her garden.

The hunter reportedly fired into a thick boxwood hedge that had attracted the interest of two hunting dogs - but the bullet passed through the vegetation and hit the retiree in the garden of her home in the village of Taussac, regional newspaper the Centre Presse Aveyron reports.

The 47-year-old hunter has been placed under police investigation for manslaughter. If convicted, he could face up to three years in prison and a fine of up to €45,000.

Every year 21 people on average are killed in hunting accidents, but the death of someone who is not hunting or accompanying hunters, is rare.

Rules on hunting may vary around the country, depending on laws passed by mairies and prefectures, however in the Aveyron department hunters are banned from shooting towards dwellings if they are within 150m of them. It is unclear if that was respected in this case or not.

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