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2017 Inheritance Law guide (PDF version) - For expats or second home owners - 48 pages
Published: August 2017
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Our updated 2017 Inheritance Law helpguide also includes a chapter on the formalities you need to complete following a death in France 

The guide is a bumper 48 pages and was published on September 25, 2017.

The guide reviews the important changes to French inheritance law affecting expatriates and second-home owners, which came into force on August 17, 2015
+ 8 extra pages on the formalities to follow after a death 
+ 8 pages on dependency issues and how retirement homes work in France

+ How to make a will in France


*Procedure on a death 
*Succession rules and planning for succession 
*Héritiers réservataires 
*The pacte de famille 
*The donation entre époux 
*Providing for stepchildren 
*Life insurance 
*Buying property in France - considerations 
1. Changing Marriage Regimes 
2. The Tontine 
3. The Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) 
*Lifetime gifts as an alternative to bequests 
*The usufruit 
*Taxation on death 
*Patrim database 
*Questions and Answers – the new EU Regulations 
*Reader Questions and Answers 

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