British expats in France after Brexit carte de sejour and rights
Brexit and Britons in France Guide 2018
Published: May 2018
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The Connexion has published a 96-page guide on BREXIT AND BRITONS IN FRANCE - What's next and what to expect - with interviews, analysis, campaigns, and stories. It will also give detailed information on the different types of cartes de séjour available in France and how to get one.

The guide is aimed at British residents, visitors and second-home owners.

The guide costs €12.50 (plus P&P for printed copies).


Background history to Brexit
The position of negotiations so far in relation to expat rights
Reaction and interviews
How it is changing people's decisions
What possible future scenarios could mean for Britons in France
Residency rights
Step-by-step guide to getting a carte de séjour residency card
The pros, cons and practicalities of taking French nationality
EU citizenship - can it be safeguarded?
How Brexit could affect pensions and finances
Possible healthcare issues and issues related to buying and selling property
Will the S1 health form system still be available?
A guide to Brexit jargon
The Brexit effect for long-term residents, new arrivals, and anyone thinking of moving here

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