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November 2017

  1. What does the word ‘bio’ on an item in a French shop or market indicate?
  2. Which French fashion magazine founded in 1945 is said to have featured its namesake supermodel in every issue for six years during the 1980s?
  3. 67 of France’s 96 metropolitan départements take their names from what?
  4. Parisian actress Bérénice Marlohe played the rather short-lived love interest in which James Bond film?
  5. After which French port did explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville name what are now known as the Falkland Islands, when he founded a colony there in 1764?
  6. Which French sports goods manufacturer supplied the shirts in which Tottenham Hotspur won memorable FA Cup Final victories in 1981 and 82?
  7. Which US state has a capital with a French name, possibly derived from the settlement there in the 17th century of a group of Trappist monks?
  8. In 2005 at Amiens University Hospital Isabelle Dinoire was the first person ever to undergo what pioneering surgical operation, after being mauled by a dog?
  9. What 500-year old French trick-taking card game for two players, uses a deck of 32 cards, and has a name which might bring to mind a F1 world champion?
  10. Between 1309 and 1377 seven successive popes resided in which French commune in south-eastern France?