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French quiz - May 2017

  1. The favourite food of the fictional Gaul Obélix and widespread throughout much of modern rural France, what kind of mammal is a ‘sanglier’?
  2. Named in honour of a French physicist who died in 1836, what is the standard international unit of electric current?
  3. Formerly ‘Les Guignols de l’Info’ and going strong since 1988, Canal+ TV’s puppet-based Les Guignols was heavily influenced by which British TV show?
  4. Before the adoption of the Euro in January 2002, the French franc was divided into one hundred what?
  5. What is France’s oldest surviving daily national newspaper? First published in 1826, it takes its name from the title of a play by Pierre de Beaumarchais.
  6. Which city on the French Riviera hosts an annual film festival usually held in May?
  7. In July 1921, who was the only French boxer ever to contest a world heavyweight title fight? He lost in four rounds to Jack Dempsey, in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  8. The Carmelite nun Thérèse Martin, who was canonised a saint in 1925 just 28 years after her early death from TB, is associated with which town in Normandy?
  9. What colour is the large diamond on a French road sign which advises that you are driving on a ‘route prioritaire’, and do not have to give way?
  10. In a verse epistle of 1768, which Frenchman made the famous observation that “if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”?