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April 2017

  1. On which day of the year does Fête du Travail or Fête des Travailleurs, a French national holiday, fall?
  2. In which 1999 novel by Joanne Harris does newcomer Vianne Rocher subtly alter the lives of the villagers of Lasquennet-sous-Tannes, in rural south-west France?
  3. Which French ocean liner, a great rival of the Queen Mary in the 1930s, twice broke the westbound and three times the eastbound Atlantic crossing time records?
  4. Which resort in Savoie hosts an annual leg of the Alpine Ski World Cup, and was the preferred winter destination of Patsy and Edina in Absolutely Fabulous?
  5. What five-letter name was the most popular for baby girls in France in 2015? It might bring to mind fictional ladies created by Abbé Prévost and Marcel Pagnol.
  6. If you fancied a raspberry ice-cream when you were on a French beach, what flavour would you be best advised to ask for?
  7. On which island in the River Seine does Notre Dame cathedral stand?
  8. Much loved 89-year old ‘Grande Dame’ of French politics Simone Veil, is best remembered for the legalisation of what in 1975, when she was Minister of Health?
  9. In the lyrics of a 1988 top five UK hit performed by a 14-year old French singer, who drove a yellow Citroen Saxo and knew all the little bars and dark corners?
  10. A French tennis umpire would call “Quarante-à” for the first instance of deuce in a game. What does he call when subsequent deuces occur in the same game?