The Lost Girl - Carol Drinkwater

The Lost Girl, Carol Drinkwater, Michael Joseph, £12.99 

The Lost Girl, Carol Drinkwater, Michael Joseph, £12.99 ISBN: 978-0-71818-3103

FOR A story set against the background of the Paris terror attacks, it is strange to find this opening instead in another time of terror: Occupation

and the underworld of Paris.

Charlie Gilliard feels like a king in this underworld, having lived on his wits since surviving a bomber crash and taking on a new identity. Now, three years after the war has ended dealing in the black market, no questions asked, is becoming more dangerous

Switching to 2015, news photographer Kurtiz Ross is waiting in a bar near the Bataclan. Her daughter, Lizzie, has been missing for four years and she and her estranged husband, Oliver, are hoping they have found her and that she will be at the concert in the hall.

Absent-mindedly speaking

to herself, she catches the attention of an elderly lady who starts to chat. Marguerite Courtenay has been an actress and started her working life when the hall was a cinema.

Slowly, we realise the two stories are intertwined...

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