Help to identify songs of birds in France

April is a good month to hear and identify bird songs in the garden and perhaps especially so with confinement.

As spring has arrived, a lot of birds are present and singing.

The websites Les Amis des Animaux and Web-Ornitho can help to identify what type of bird is singing in your garden.

All birds have their own language, sometimes they sing and sometimes they ‘scream’ to call each other or for food.

Male birds sing at the time of reproduction to show their presence and attract females. They are said to sing much more generally than females.

The first type of bird which starts singing in March is the chiffchaff. You can hear its song here.

Then the blackbird sings at the start of spring.

Its song is often mistaken with the one from the nightingale. Listen to its song here.

The nightingale is more present in forests, woods, and parks.

Song thrush

The song thrush is known for its way of singing which is very melodious.

Some birds also sing while they are flying. It is the case of the skylark which can sing up to a height of 100metres.


Then it lets itself go down and opens its wings only when it is a few metres above the ground.

To discover and listen to more bird songs you can hear in France, see this website

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