French Quiz - January 2017

1    The Parisian courtesan Violetta Valéry is the title character in which 1853 opera by Giuseppe Verdi?

2    Which city in western France boasts the Stade de la Beaujoire, where both England and Wales played group stage matches during the 2007 Rugby World Cup?

3    A company name familiar to many British customers, for what do the letters ‘EDF’ stand?

4    At Wimille, about two miles outside Boulogne, who stands atop France’s tallest memorial column, his back turned firmly towards the English Channel?

5    If in France you embark on a little domestic ‘bricolage’, what are you undertaking?

6    Collège is the first stage of secondary education in France, for 11-15 year olds. What is the second, for those aged between 15 and 18?

7    In honour of the sculptor who designed the trophy in the early 1970s, what name is given to the French film industry equivalent of an Oscar?

8    At a 2011 EU summit in Brussels, which Frenchman, on the subject of the euro, memorably told David Cameron, “You have lost a good opportunity to shut up”?

9    Commemorated in the brand name of one of its best-known beers, in what year did Geronimus Hatt found Strasbourg’s Kronenbourg brewery?

10    In 2002, characters in which British sitcom visited the fictional Normandy village of Ste. Claire à la Chappelle, in honour of their uncle’s wartime exploits?

11    Who led his notorious followers deep into western Europe, but was stopped near the river Marne by a coalition of Romans and Visigoths in 451AD?

12    Named after an 1860s operetta by Offenbach about the Trojan War, what fruit is poached in syrup and served with ice-cream in a ‘belle Hélène’?

13    Which dancing teenage temptress who is rarely encountered without her pet goat Djali, is a well-known creation of writer Victor Hugo?

14    Marseille serves as the prefecture of which département, whose name refers to the complex major river estuary which dominates the area?

15    Founded in 1935 as Radio-PTT Vision, what, since 1975, has been the alpha-numeric name of France’s oldest and most popular national television station?

16    What centenary was widely commemorated in France and the UK at 7.30 am on July 1st 2016?

17    According to the lyrics of her debut hit song in 1976, who was “lost in France, in love…”?

18    If, according to internationally accepted etiquette, you were to utter the phrase “J’adoube” (“I adjust”), what would you probably be doing?

19    Manon des Sources starring Emanuelle Béart in the title role, was the sequel to which 1986 international cinematic hit directed by Claude Berri?

20    In Paris, what is popularly known as the ‘Péripherique’,or ‘Périph’ for short?

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