French Quiz - January 2020

1    Molière, John Calvin and Charles Perrault are all famous alumni of which French university?

2    Coco was not the real name of famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. There are many theories as to where her nickname came from, with some saying that it was from a song she used to sing during her brief stint as a singer, whilst others say that it was a short form of the word ‘cocotte’, meaning a prostitute. But what was her real name?

3    Which English rock star likes to spend his holidays at his Château de Fourchette in the region Indre-et-Loire?

4    In which city in the north of France was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake in 1431?

5    In 1889, French brothers Edouard and André Michelin founded the tyre company Michelin. To increase tyre sales, the brothers created the Michelin Guide, a small information book filled with maps and information for travellers which they hoped would encourage people to take to the roads more. Today, the guide is most famous for the Michelin star restaurant rating system. When was the first Michelin Guide published?

6    In what year was Jacques Chirac elected for the first time as President of France?

7    Which French doctor invented the stethoscope in 1816?

8    What is both a musical instrument and the French word for a paper clip?

9    In English Marmite is known as the love-it-or-hate-it spread, but what does this word mean in French?

10    Which material’s name in English comes from the French word for rag?

11    Which region does the brandy Calvados originate from?

12    Which famous French dish gets its name from the French verb ‘to stir’?

13    Which country did the naturalised French physicist and chemist Marie Curie originate from?

14    In 1305, the appointment of Frenchman Clement V as the Pope was an unpopular one. To escape the oppression in Rome, Clement Vmoved the papacy to a French city, where it remained until 1377. Which city was this?

15    What is the name of the chickpea pancake famous for being a local delicacy in Nice?

16    In what year was the first national park of France created?

17    In what year was the death penalty abolished in France?

18    How many regional languages are still used in France today?

19    In 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen from The Louvre and only discovered two years later when the thief, Vincenzo Peruggia, made contact with an art gallery in Florence in an attempt to sell it.However, a renowned French writer was mistakenly arrested for the theft. Who was it?

20    Who was elected as the first President of France in 1848?

Rearrange the letters the first letter from answers 14, 3, 19 and 11 to complete a type of racehorse “pur-….”