French Quiz - June 2017

1    On April 25th, 1792, of what implement was highwayman Nicolas Pelletier the first of many Frenchmen to fall foul?

2    What word is used in French for pliable twigs of wicker typically used in making furniture, and in English is an antiquated term for any tree in the willow family?

3    In an English hotel, you might expect the letters H and C to appear on the hot and cold taps. What equivalent letters might you see on taps in a French hotel?

4    Parisian-born Séverine won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 performing Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue, but which country did she represent?

5    Standing at the confluence of the rivers Ille and Villaine, which city in eastern Brittany was founded over 2000 years ago by a Gallic tribe called the Redones?

6    For reasons which remain unclear, which great female French athlete caused a shock by withdrawing from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, days before the start of her events?

7    Which historical figure was Carry On actor Peter Gilmore portraying when the incompetence of a subordinate led him to exclaim, “Mon blooming dieu!”?

8    In September 2016, the most easterly of France’s reformed regions, made up of Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne, was officially given what new name?

9    What is the most common equivalent word in English for what players of pétanque call the cochonnet (piglet)?

10    Which Paris nightclub on the Champs Élysées, home to the statuesque Bluebell Girls, opened in 1946 on the site of what was previously a small artificial beach?

11    The name of which of the countries sharing a national border with metropolitan France, would come first alphabetically, in French?

12    In what month and year of the 1960s did student protests against capitalism and consumerism provoke general strikes, which brought France to a virtual halt?

13    English speakers often refer to the United Nations as ‘the UN’. What equivalent three-letter acronym is used by the French?

14    A week in the French Republican calendar consisted of 10 days and was known by what word, which may have caused some confusion among English speakers?

15    Which French product has a logo showing three Alpine peaks, and in 2009 kicked off its Live Young global ad campaign, which featured rollerskating babies?

16    Completed in 1989, the main entrance to the Louvre Museum in the palace’s courtyard, can best be described as what, in terms of material and structure?

17    What do the cheeses Bucheron, Chavroux, Crottin de Chavignol, Rocamadour, Valençay and Chabichou all have in common?

18    What symbol appeared on the central white stripe of the Tricolore flown by Free French forces under General de Gaulle, during the Second World War?

19    What is the usual meaning of the French texting abbreviation ‘tlm’?

20    Five of which female Canadian singer’s 17 top 10 hit singles, have reached No.1 in the French charts, including Je Sais Pas(1994) and Encore un Soir (2016)?

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