French Quiz - June 2019

1    Which female sports team is nicknamed “Les Braqueuses” (the robbers)?

2    What was Lamartine’s first name?

3    Who was the first French astronaut to visit the ISS?

4    Which French philosopher wrote “I think therefore I am.”?

5    Which Jean-Luc Godard film remains a classic example of French New Age Cinema?

6    Where can you find the following quote; “voter est un droit, c’est aussi un devoir civique”? (“Voting is a right, it is also a civil duty.”)

7    Monks from the Aubrac are said to have developed the recipe for which speciality combining mashed potatoes and cheese?

8    Which female rap artist sang “si t’as les critères babe laisse moi ton email”and retired from show business after converting to Islam?

9    What is Whitsun called in French?

10    The Père Lachaise cemetery contains numerous famous burial plots. But where is Napoléon Bonaparte buried?

11    A long running educational TV show became famous in the 1990s for using a mobile set built inside a lorry and featuring detailed models. Can you name the show?

12    Which fashion designer, known for introducing “Le Smoking”; a female tuxedo in the 1960s, was given the rank of Grand officier de la Légion d’Honneur by Nicolas Sarkozy and died in 2008?

13    Which renowned Parisian school did Pierre Coffin, the co-director of the Despicable Me films attend?

14    Which three departments have the most campsites in France?

15    In which part of Provence was the Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard film A Good Year shot?

16    Air France-KLM flew to 314 destinations in 2018; how many different countries did they fly to?

17    The national agency for public health runs a website encouraging people of all ages to eat healthier food and take more exercise. It contains advice, videos, recipes, and an exercise planner and is often quoted in food related adverts. What is the name of this website?

18    What abbreviation would you use to refer to the price of something including taxes?

19    Who wrote “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”?

20    What day does the fête de la musique fall on this year?

Use the first letter from the answers to questions 2 and 4, and the first letter of the second word of the answer for question 20 to spell the name of department number 83.