French Quiz - November 2019

1    Which are the only vineyards, apart from Champagne, in which hand harvesting is mandatory? Hint: ⅓ of the wine produced there is famed for being released every year on the third hursday of November.

2    Which word is used as an endearment to a boyfriend or husband and is also the French baby talk for “cat”?

3    What would you order if you wished to eat very thinly sliced raw steak or fish?

4    What is French toast called in French?

5    Which satirical left wing newspaper started during the First World War, features investigative journalism, cartoons and jokes, was a victim of censorship, and does not accept any form of advertisement within its pages?

6    Which French currency stopped being used after the beheading of King Louis the XVI in 1792?

7    Which classic French dessert combines egg whites and “crème anglaise” (custard)?

8    Which ancient Unesco heritage monument started as an aqueduct, then became a tollgate in the Middle Ages and finally a road bridge from the 18th to 20th century?

9    In what year did France ban smoking in indoor public places?

10    Which is the only DOM-ROM (Overseas Departments and Regions) that is not an island or archipelago?

11    The French Communist Party (PCF) has made French culture what it is today; when was it started?

12    How many libraries are there in Paris?

13    On what side do French trains run?

14    When German forces occupied France, they changed the time so that Paris and Germany would be in the same time zone. This meant that trains going from occupied territory into unoccupied territory had to wait for 1 hour at the border in order to arrive on time in unoccupied France. In what year was the time made the same all over France to avoid these complications?

15    How many villages near Verdun were flattened during the FirstWorld War, remain uninhabited, but also still have a mayor?

16    Can you name the French navy ship dedicated to tracking and measuring rocket trajectories with the most powerful radars in Europe?

17    Which King of France only ruled for 20 minutes?

18    Which UNESCO world heritage site is situated 1km from the coast of Normandy?

19    When did France ban supermarkets from throwing away unsold food?

20    How many French cities have a population of over 1 million people?

Use the first letter from the first word (excluding pronouns) from answers 1, 3 and 8 to write an abbreviation used in texts and emails