French Quiz - October 2019

1    Which part of the duck or poultry are called “gésiers” in French?

2    What do you call a wind turbine in French?

3    What are bagpipes called in French?

4    The 1st November is dedicated to remembering the dead, often by placing chrysanthemums on graves; what is this day called in French?

5    Who painted the daring nude “The Origin of the World” which is now exhibited at the Musée d’Orsay?

6    Which artist won an NRJ music award for Francophone Breakthrough in 2011 and dated François Hollande’s son?

7    What is the name of the game show first aired in 1990, which takes place on a fort south of the Ile de Ré?

8    Which is the longest river in France?

9    How do you refer to a young wine, destined to be consumed within the first few months after the fermentation process takes place?

10    Which perfume was created in 1921 and remains arguably the most iconic fragrance in the world?

11    The record speed for a French TGV is 575 km/h (though during commercial service they only run at a maximum of 320 km/h). This speed is second only to which other (non French) high speed train with a record of 603 km/h set in 2015?

12    On what day of the week do French elections always take place?

13    If you want to buy soft bread with no crusts, like Harry’s, what would you look for?

14    In 2010, Sarkozy upped the early retirement age by two years; at what age can you get early retirement now?

15    In 2010, Sarkozy upped the early retirement age by two years; at what age can you get early retirement now?

16    If you pick mushrooms in a public forest and are not sure if they are edible where should you go to get them checked out for free - your doctor, any local blood laboratory or a pharmacy?

17    Every year cattle and sheep are moved to high pastures in summer and brought back again for the winter; what is this seasonal move called?

18    What kind of sweet snack is not sold in Disneyland Paris in order to keep the streets clean?

19    Who was the first female candidate to get through the first round of the presidential elections in 2007?

20    Which legendary mime helped Jewish children escape to Switzerland during the war and was known for his white-faced clown character?

Rearrange the first letter (exclude pronouns) from answers 2,7,8, and 10 to complete popular children’s toy: “....-volant”.