French Quiz - September 2019

1    What is a chestnut burr called in French?

2    What do French people call the period in early September when children go back to school?

3    Which ultimately comforting stew is named after its region of origin and the wine it contains?

4    Which animal is Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew?

5    In what year did the first girl pass her BAC?

6    Who composed the Gymnopédies?

7    What do French people call porcini mushrooms?

8    It takes 25 people 18 months to repaint the Eiffel tower by hand; how many tonnes of paint do they use?

9    Which French startup has created an online method enabling clients to buy food from local producers?

10    Which French association, known worldwide for its work in wartorn countries and natural disaster zones received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999?

11    In what year was Corsica acquired by France?

12    Which artist is known for his whimsical, ironic editorial illustrations often featured in The New Yorker, and his illustrations of Le Petit Nicolas children’s books

13    Which National Parc is the Mont Aigoual in?

14    What was the symbol of the French Franc?

15    Which French footballer became head coach for the Monaco team in October 2018?

16    What is the French equivalent of the RSPCA?

17    In what year where “maisons closes” banned in France?

18    At the base of the Arc de Triomphe lies the grave of an anonymous soldier who died during which war?

19    A terrible wolf-like creature roamed what is now known as Lozère killing many peasants in the mid 1700s and its story has become legendary. What is the beast called?

20    Which building in central Paris was illegally occupied by artists in the early 21st century before being bought and turned into an exhibition and studio space by the city?

Use the first letter from the first words of the answers to questions 4, 6, 10, 13 and 15  to complete the title of Marcel Proust’s book A la Recherche du … Perdu.