Anti-pollution sticker hid scam with extra charge

Readers should beware a scam targeting drivers buying the Crit’Air pollution vignette that is obligatory in Paris and some other cities.

30 August 2017
By Connexion journalist

Reader Brian Lean, in Morbihan, said he bought a Crit’Air sticker online at believing it to be the official government site. However after receiving the €4.18 vignette for his Citroën he was shocked to see a sum of €29.90 taken from his bank account. He found the website was also charging him for an online magazine – with another sum due soon.

He spoke to his bank and tracked the company, LW-Bienpar, to ask for his money back. Happily his Cornish tenacity won out and he was repaid.

He said: “You have to be careful. I really thought I was using the government site.”

Paris and Grenoble have set up closed-circulation zones where Crit’Air stickers are obligatory and Lyon Villeurbanne will do the same in October with Lille and Strasbourg following.

The official Crit’Air site is

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