Covid-19 France: extra time to pick up registered post

La Poste is extending the deadlines for people to travel to pick up registered letters at post offices to several weeks after confinement ends.

The end of confinement has been announced for May 11 but people will have until June 8 to collect their mail.

Currently, due to health crisis, La Poste has reduced the number of postal rounds and post workers have to ask recipients of any registered letters if they can leave the letter directly in the letter box to avoid contact.

The proof of delivery is made by writing "special Covid-19 procedure" where the addressee usually signs.

If the person receiving a registered letter is not at home, a note is left in the mailbox to inform them of where to collect it. La Poste usually allows 15 days to collect such post.

But as the state of health emergency will be in place until May 24, La Poste has added 15 days to this date for people to come pick up their mail.

Uncollected registered letters will not be returned to the sender before June 8.

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