Covid-19 vaccine in France: Your questions answered

We answer your FAQs about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine in France, which started officially on December 27

27 February 2021
Covid-19 vaccine in France: Your questions answered
By Connexion journalist
  • Number of people having received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose: 2,808,490 (+88,921 in last 24h) (latest update on 25/02/2021)
  • Number of people vaccinated fully with both doses of the vaccine: 1,490,083 (+91,099 in last 24h) (latest update on 25/02/2021)
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France’s public rollout of the vaccine began on January 18, starting with those aged over 75 and those at high risk of developing serious forms of Covid-19. 

By the end of February, more than four million vaccines will have been administered to more than three million people, the government has stated. The objective is to have offered a vaccine to all willing adults by the end of the summer. 

Vaccination appointments are fully booked until the end of February. More will be available in March.

Three vaccines have been approved for use in France: Those of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca. All three require two doses for full efficacy. 

The AstraZeneca vaccine is being rolled out to people aged 50 to 64, beginning with those with existing medical conditions. This is being done by GPs as well as at dedicated centres. The government is aiming to vaccinate all 2 million of the people deemed priority by the middle of March. Read more here.

France is aiming to begin vaccinating people aged between 65 to 74 without any serious existing medical conditions by the beginning of April.

Information on booking a vaccine appointment at a centre near you can be found on

Equally, you can arrange an appointment on booking platforms,, Maiia and Keldoc

Many of you have sent us questions about the vaccine and our team is working on answering as many as we can. 

There have been a lot of questions about whether those with private insurance (i.e. no carte Vitale) can receive the vaccine in France. 

The Ministry of Health and the British Embassy in Paris have confirmed that everyone who is a resident in France, even if they do not have a carte Vitale, will be able to receive the vaccine. Further details are still to be announced. Read more here

If you have a question about France's Covid-19 vaccine programme that we have not answered, please fill out the form here

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