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Bands for 2019 French income tax declaration

The tax bands for assessing 2019 income to be declared this spring have been increased by 1% to account for inflation.

29 January 2020
By Connexion journalist

Rates applied are unchanged this time, but will differ for 2020 income next year.

Despite the new tax-at-source system, most people will still declare this spring to take into account credits and changes.

Once your definitive tax is known there may be refunds or extra levies depending on how much was paid ‘at source’ during the year.

Bands/rates for 2019 income are:

  • Up to €10,064                                    0%
  • €10,065 to €27,794                           14%
  • €27,795 to €74,517                           30%
  • €74,518 to €157,806                         41%
  • Above this                                         45%

For 2019 income, a single person pays no tax if net taxable income was below €15,303. The threshold rises by family size due to the family quotient system, eg.€28,560 for a couple and €33,592 for a couple with one dependent child.

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