Final wealth tax deadline for non-residents

France is one of the last few countries in the continent of Europe to still levy a tax on wealth – if you are eligible to pay ISF wealth tax you should note that the final declaration and payment deadline (for non-residents) is coming up.

A deadline of July 17, instead of June 15 for residents, will apply to all non-residents who still have a ‘full’ wealth tax declaration to make on the 2725 form. This is as opposed to those who declare along with income tax, who should already have done so.

You should note that where you are eligible to declare for wealth tax the onus is on you to do so. If in doubt about who needs to pay and what needs to be declared, Connexion publishes an updated guide to the tax, available for €9.50, at this link. 

For non-residents an application on the 2725 form applies to people who have declarable French wealth (mainly property physically located in France) of €2.57million or more, or to those who have declarable French wealth of more than €1.3million and who did not have to make a French income tax declaration this year.

The same deadline applies to all non-residents wherever they live, including Monaco.

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