Drivers in France can be fined over €400 for snow on car

In the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the fine for driving with snow on the roof is a straight €450

16 January 2021
Motorists in France can face hefty fines for driving with snow on their cars
By Connexion journalist

Motorists driving with snow on their cars risk being fined over €406 based on cumulative fines for offences such as snow falling from the roof, and licence plates and windows not being cleared. 

In Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, though, the fine for driving with a thick layer of snow or ice on the roof is a hefty €450, local paper Nice Matin reported. 

The fines relating to driving with snow on the car are as follows:

  • Licence plate not visible: €90
  • View not cleared on the front and sides of the vehicle: €90
  • Wing mirrors not cleared: €90
  • Indicator lights not cleared: €68
  • Snow falling from roof while vehicle is in motion: €68

These fines are cumulative so for a driver caught breaking all these rules, they are liable to face fines up to €406.

Drivers can also face an additional €180 fine if snow falling from their car roof causes an accident. This will also not be covered by insurance. 

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