France calling for kerosene tax

France is calling for Europe-wide taxation of kerosene – the fuel used by planes – to reduce pollution and help with carbon neutrality.

26 June 2019
By Connexion journalist

Carbon neutrality refers to balancing carbon dioxide emissions from human activity with removal and/or reduction. Carbon dioxide is blamed for the greenhouse effect/global warming.

France launched the idea of extra taxation of the aviation sector, probably by a tax on kerosene, at a meeting of EU transport ministers.

The plan is backed by several other states and the European Commission may consider it as part of a forthcoming review of tax on energy.

Currently, kerosene is exempt from VAT and fuel tax in France. However, the air sector said a change to taxation would put thousands of jobs at risk and make French airlines uncompetitive.

France’s transport minister said a kerosene tax should not be adopted unilaterally by France.

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