Tips to buy an electric bike

Change to government aid system

Now is the time to buy an electric bicycle as rules on government aid for a purchase are being changed next month.

Buyers can get up to €200 aid for a vélo à assistance électrique with prices averaging €1,000.

They should first contact their mairie to see what aid it offers – Paris offers up to €400.

With e-bikes available from €600 to €6,000 there is every type of specification available for all sizes and shapes plus different usages, from road to off-road and cross-country.

Pick a bike with the motor in the centre as it is more stable and easier to manoeuvre; as light as you can afford, and with seat height adjustment.

Normal bikes weigh 20-25kg but e-bikes (called VAE) also have a 5-6kg battery; so do not let it run flat or face a tiring pedal. To avoid theft, take out the battery and use an antivol U-lock and chain on the bike.

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