Holy Trinity Church Cannes Christmas Services

Sunday 19th December 18h00 CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE Traditional Carols for all to sing, prayers and readings. Friday 24th December, Christmas Eve 16h00 CHILDREN'S CAROLS. Make Christmas Eve special! A simple half-hour service in English with smaller children in mind. Friday 24th December, Christmas Eve 23h30 CHRISTMAS NIGHT COMMUNION Get Christmas off to a holy start! A midnight eucharist with Carols. Saturday 25th December, Christmas Day 09h00 CHRISTMAS FROM STABLE TO TABLE. A peaceful start to Christmas Day with Holy Communion Saturday 25th December, Christmas Day 10h30 FAMILY COMMUNION SERVICE with Carols. A Christmas Day Eucharist service for children and all ages. HOLY TRINITY is the Anglican Church in central Cannes, off rue du Canada between the Carlton Hotel and the rue d'Antibes For more details phone 04 93 94 54 61 or visit the church website: www.holytrinitycannes.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/HolyTrinityCannes Email: mail@holytrinitycannes.org
Avenue Branly 06400 Cannes