Les Traces du Fromage

This hike through the remote beauty of the Massif Central really is a moveable feast. Combining the gastronomy of the region with mountain air, Les Traces allows ramblers to discover the old slate-roofed cheesemaking cottages known as a burons. At each, there are tastings of regional Laguiole cheese, Gentiane – an apéritif made from a local wild flower – and vin chaud. The routes depart from two ski resorts, Le Bouyssou at Laguiole and Brameloup and three distance options (12, 18, or 21 km) prevent things from becoming too taxing. At the end reward yourself with a hearty portion of cheesy aligot and local Aubrac meat – renowned for its quality – at Le Royal Aubrac, a grande dame of a building surrounded by snowy countryside.

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