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Since 2002, The Connexion has been providing essential news, updates, analysis and comment on developments affecting France and everyday life here. Our aim is for readers to understand more about the country so they can integrate and feel at home. We do cover articles about expats but our primary focus is France and we carry a high number of interviews and profiles of French politicians, cultural figures and others in the French news as well as environmental and scientific innovations. Our team have all made a move to France and are experiencing life here along with readers.

We present a full package of information whether it is news, politics, comment, or cultural and practical information you are seeking.

The Connexion is available online and in print. We also publish a range of helpguides on practical topics such as the French healthcare system, paying French tax, currency exchange options and how the French education system works as well as puzzlebooks and an annual calendar about France.

Our print edition is published monthly and can be bought at selected newsagents across France for €4.80. Subscriptions include a print edition and online access to our vast article library. Prices start at €14.25, including postage, for a quarter (three months / editions) to an address in France. You can subscribe here.

Our website is updated daily and carries free access and subscriber-only articles (these are marked with a Cx symbol). Cx articles can also be bought separately.

We hope you enjoy our unique offering of editorial and welcome your feedback on France and us via email at news@connexionfrance.com or by comments under individual articles.

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