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It’s high time to legalise drugs in France

The article about drug consumption (Connexion, January issue) prompts me to write.

29 January 2020

I believe drugs should be legalised gradually over several years.

It should start with cannabis, often today so much stronger and more dangerous than the hemp of years ago, progressively moving on to cocaine, heroin and others.

Now organisations proudly announce the seizure of large quantities of drugs from boats or lorries – that’s good, but their subsequent destruction only leads to increased cost on the street.

Meanwhile, the drug barons abroad have already made their packet.

The slow legalisation must be accompanied by a well-conceived educational programme, together with a hard-hitting but explanatory campaign on officially recognised media – not “social” media on which any nonsense can be bandied about.

Once the campaign has shown its worth, it will be up to the individual to choose. There will be some who fall by the wayside (and have to be cared for).

Clin Bond, Dordogne

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