The Banque de France warns public over bank fraud

The Banque de France has warned the public to stay vigilant about possible fake emails and telephone calls, after reports of a growth in credit card fraud.

23 May 2017
The Banque de France has warned against fraudulent emails and calls
By Connexion journalist

The number of fraudulent emails and telephone calls falsely appearing to come from the Banque de France is on the rise, according to reports.

These emails and calls are criminal attempts to collect bank details, but may use Banque de France logos, name, phone numbers or email addresses with ‘’ at the end.

Under the pretext of many different excuses ‒ such as a bill to pay, unblocking credit, a problem with your bank account ‒ the emails or calls will then direct victims to a false Banque de France website asking for your bank details.

They may also ask the victim to download files, which, instead of helping the issue, will actually install dangerous viruses on to your computer.

The Banque de France has reminded customers that it will never ask them for these details over email or phone, and instead advises anyone receiving such emails or calls to not click or download anything, and to tell the police or email

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