Christmas cash aid, terror trial verdicts: The week ahead in France

We also see two very different beauty contests (one is for chickens), new grants for electronic device repairs and, of course, the France-Morocco World Cup semi-final

We look at what the week ahead has in store for people in France
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Paris concert for the women of Iran

A concert entitled ‘Femme, Vie, Liberté’ (Woman, Life, Freedom) is to take place in Paris from 20:00 this evening (December 12) in solidarity with the people of Iran.

“Through their audacity, their courage, their determination, all these young girls, all these women, all these men who are coming together in their struggle, are offering us a wonderful lesson in hope and freedom,” concert venue Le Trianon has said.

Protests have been taking place in Iran since 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested by Iran’s ‘morality police’ for wearing her hijab “improperly” and died in custody in September. Eyewitnesses said that she had been severely beaten by the authorities.

Hundreds of people have been killed in recent protests and thousands arrested.

Conference on the resilience and rebuilding of Ukraine

On Tuesday (December 13), a bilateral conference will be held in Paris to identify and discuss what Ukraine needs to ensure its economic resilience as the war continues, as well as its reconstruction in the medium term.

There will be meetings on the different sectors of Ukraine’s economy, including energy, agriculture and healthcare.

The conference will aim to facilitate a direct dialogue between Ukrainian ministers and French business leaders.

Nice terror attack trial verdicts

Tuesday will also see the 2016 Nice terror attack trial come to an end with verdicts being handed down.

On July 14, 2016, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel killed 86 people and injured a further 400 when he travelled up Nice’s Promenade des Anglais in a 19-tonne truck and drove it into the crowds celebrating la Fête Nationale. He was shot dead by police immediately after the attack.

The prosecution has called for prison sentences of between two and 15 years for the eight defendants, seven of whom have been appearing in court since September 5.

The three principal defendants are Ramzi Arefa, Mohamed Ghraieb and Chokri Chafroud.

Arefa is accused of helping to provide the automatic pistol of the suspect, and Ghraieb of communicating on over a thousand occasions with Lahouaiej-Bouhlel in the lead-up to the event and travelling in the truck before July 14.

Chafroud is accused of advising Lahouaiej-Bouhlel to: "Load the truck with 2,000 tons of iron” and “release the brakes”. CCTV footage also shows him travelling in the truck on July 12.

Alexa Dubourg, the avocate générale prosecutor in the trial, told the victims of the attack and their families: “We have heard the distress, we have seen it.” She also stressed “the singularity of the horror” of that night.

She warned the victims of the attack that in the sentencing “there will be frustration, it is inevitable”, reminding that “none” of the eight defendants can be judged “as if they were the perpetrator of the attack”.

La France Insoumise MP on trial for domestic violence

Also on Tuesday, the far-left MP Adrien Quatennens (La France Insoumise) has been called to attend a court in Lille to plead guilty in a trial over a slap he has admitted giving his wife.

In September it emerged that Céline Quatennens had filed a report at Lille’s judicial court over domestic violence, and Mr Quatennens issued a statement on Twitter providing details of what had happened.

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France to play Morocco in World Cup semi-final

France will play Morocco in the second World Cup semi-final on Wednesday (December 14).

Les bleus qualified after beating England 2-1 on Saturday (December 10).

Morocco, meanwhile, beat Portugal 1-0, becoming the first African country to reach the semi-finals of a World Cup.

If France makes it through to the World Cup final against Croatia or Argentina, the team will play again on Sunday (December 18).

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Prime de Noël payments made

The annual ‘prime de Noël’ (Christmas bonus) is to be paid to millions of homes and especially those on social benefits. In 2021, it was paid over December 15 and 16. This year, more than 2.3 million people in France are set to receive it around a similar date.

The amount is fixed depending on the household’s income and composition.

For example, a single person would receive €152.45. A single person with a child would receive €228.67. A couple without children would receive €228.67 maximum, while a couple with a child would get €274.41.

Last date to correct your income tax declaration

December 14 is the deadline for correcting your return using the online Corriger ma déclaration service via your personal space on the tax website

It is also the deadline for making any adjustments to the advance that will otherwise be paid to you in January based on 60% of the tax credits you had against 2021 income (declared this spring). This is of interest if you did not in fact have any expenses entitling you to similar tax credits in the course of 2022.

All new requests for making monthly payments of the property tax the taxe foncière must also be made before December 15 if you want these to start applying from 2023.

Out-of-warranty electronic repair aid opens

From December 15, people will be able to get financial help to repair out-of-warranty electronic items. This is part of the ‘loi Agec’, which aims to reduce waste and boost the ‘circular economy’.

The scheme will take the form of a payment of €10-€45 depending on the type of appliance to repair. Officially-recognised repairers will also be signposted as part of the scheme.

Items in around 30 categories will be included, with the list set to be extended in the coming years. The amount on offer depends on the appliance. For example:

  • €10 for a coffee machine

  • €25 for a washing machine (up to 25% of the repair cost)

  • €45 for a laptop

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Miss France 2023 crowned

Saturday (December 17) will see the 93rd edition of the annual Miss France pageant, with the winner being crowned in Châteauroux (Centre-Val de Loire).

Last year’s winner Diane Leyre (Miss Ile-de-France) will pass the title on to her successor.

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The pageant will be broadcast on TF1.

Les Glorieuses de Bresse 2022

Tomorrow will see the 160th edition of the Glorieuses de Bresse, an annual poultry competition held during the last weeks before Christmas in Bourg-en-Bresse, Montrevel , Louhans and Pont-de-Vaux to the north of Lyon.

These four towns make up the ‘Four Glories’, where the finest specimens of Bresse poultry are bred.

The competitions will take place on December 13, 16, 17 and 18, including festive markets, presentations, tastings and more.

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