Comedian Paul Taylor begins French and European tour

Paris, Caen, Marseille and Nice host his shows in April, with dates in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes later this year

Paul Taylor will embark on a French and European tour this month
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Comedian Paul Taylor is a French language learner’s dream.

His stand-up half-in-English, half-in-French shows focus on what it is like to move to France after living in the UK.

If you are an expat in France, much of Paul’s content is likely to resonate with your experiences, from faux-amis to faux-pas to adapting to niche aspects of French culture, he covers it all.

Born in Chelmsford, England, Paul spent five years in France when he was growing up, so speaks French without a hint of a British accent.

Having done some stand-up at university in London, where he studied French and Spanish, Paul later returned to the comedy world after a few years working for Apple, inspired by the success of non-British comedians in Britain.

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Then living in Paris, Paul thought there was a niche for a foreign comedian in France to help French people see their country through different eyes.

He was right - one of his first videos, “What the f*ck, France” talking about la bise and how difficult it is to get right, had more than a million views in just a few days, prompting French TV channel Canal+ to get in touch regarding a longer series.

Following the success of his first two stand-up tours, “#Franglais” and “So British ou Presque”, he is now onto his third stand-up show called “Bisoubye x” which he is set to start performing this month.

According to the show’s description, “Bisoubye x” is about “having to say goodbye to a certain number of things in my life to be able to move onto the next chapter.”

The tour will last throughout 2023, seeing Paul travel across France to deliver his show. He will also play London, which he told The Connexion in 2018 was a “priority” for him due to the large number of French expats there.

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The tour will also head to Bangkok and Singapore before making its way back to France for the final leg.

All of Paul’s material takes place in 50% French 50% English, so it is perfect for learners of either language.

How to get tickets for Paul Taylor’s “Bisoubye x” tour show

Here are the dates for Paul Taylor’s “Bisoubye x” tour show. Tickets are available at

France dates 2023

Paris - 8 days from 17 March - 1 April

Auray - 4 & 5 April

Tours - 7 & 8 April

Cantelu (Rouen) - 11 April

Marseille - 14 April

Toulon - 15 April

Nice - 16 April

Caen - 18 & 19 April

Dijon - 22 April

Yvetot - 5 October

Pornic - 14 October

Freyming-Merlebach - 20 October

Strasbourg - 22 October

Toulouse - 3 November

Bordeaux - 18 November

Lyon - 21 November

Aix-En-Provence - 23 November

Grenoble - 24 November

Avignon - 25 November

Montpellier - 26 November

Clermont-Ferrand - 1 December

Nantes - 8 December

Rennes - 9 December

Lille - 16 December

Nancy - 19 December

Europe dates 2023

Manchester - 5 September

Liverpool - 6 September

Brighton - 7 September

Cambridge - 8 September

London - 9 September

Edinburgh - 12 September

Glasgow - 13 September

Cork - 15 September

Dublin - 16 September

Amsterdam - 19 September

Vienna - 21 September

Budapest - 22 September

Berlin - 23 September

Geneva - 10 October

Luxembourg - 21 October

Liège - 14 December

Bruxelles - 15 December

Rest of the world dates 2023

Bangkok - 18 May

Singapore - 19 May

Singapore - 20 May

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