France bans Wifi in nurseries

Restrictions imposed to protect young children from “possibly carcinogenic” electromagnetic waves

WIFI has been banned in nurseries, schools, kindergartens and childcare centres across France that cater for children under the age of six.

In primary schools, which also welcome older pupils and where computers are used in lessons, Wifi points in classrooms must be disabled when not in use, national frequencies regulator, L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR) has said.

Restrictions on Wifi access in schools are intended to reduce young children’s exposure to electromagnetic wave radiation, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer considers, “possibly carcinogenic”.

Establishments offering public Wi-Fi access will now have to display a symbol indicating the presence of electromagnetic waves.

Meanwhile, homeowners and tenants now have access to information about the level of exposure to electromagnetic waves in their homes, by printing and completing this PDF form .

Once counter-signed by an official at approved organisation - such as a local authority, environmental protection body or family association, it can be sent to the ANFR.

It is also possible to find out the location of all the mobile phone antennas are in your area, by logging on to the ANFR’s Cartoradio site.

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Photo: Lucélia Ribeiro