French consumer bodies launch cheaper car insurance group buy offer

It is hoped that the deal will benefit all types of people driving a car or motorbike, and save them up to €100 in the first year

Familles de France has teamed up with Selectra to develop a group buy car insurance offer
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A French consumer association has partnered with a car and motorbike insurance comparison platform to launch the country’s first group buy offer.

Vehicle insurance premium prices have increased by 3% this year, so “this operation aims to negotiate discounts for participants – either free months or percentage reductions – while guaranteeing the best cover depending on their profile,” Familles de France and Selectra said in a statement.

People wishing to take part in the group [buy] can register their interest for free on this website by entering their contact details, profession and age. They will then be asked whether they need car or motorbike insurance, as well as some basic questions on their vehicle and what they use it for.

Selectra will make a call for offers from French insurers in January, but the pre-registration window will remain open “during the negotiation period”.

The best deal proposed to Selectra will then be sent to those who have entered their details between March and April, including information on the tariff and the extent of the cover. These potential customers will then have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer.

“Those with no claims bonuses, those having made claims, those who do not drive very much, young drivers with a small or large vehicle: through this offer, Familles de France and Selectra are proposing solutions adapted to everyone’s needs,” the statement added.

“The more participants sign up, the better the negotiated cover will be.

“Insurance costs around €641 per year for a car and €503 per year for a motorbike. Our objective with this group buy is to negotiate at least two free months for the first year, meaning a discount of €80-€100,” Selectra’s Nolwenn Fajolles told BFMTV.

Last year, Selectra launched a group buy home insurance offer, which saved 15,000 people 25% or up to €350 on their annual premium.

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