French man rescued after falling down hole while checking water meter

His wife found him after he did not come back. He was slightly dizzy but unharmed

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A man in his late 60s has had to be rescued by firefighters in Vendée after falling down a manhole in his garden while trying to check the reading on his water meter.

He was upside down in the hole for around 30 minutes before his wife came looking for him in the garden and found him stuck. Firefighters were quickly on the scene to help him and he was rescued without any injury or issue.

The incident took place a couple of weeks ago at his home on the Île de Noirmoutier but the departmental fire service only posted a picture of it on their social media page last Friday (September 30).

The caption states: “The Vendée fire brigade is trained to deal with all emergency situations, even the most bizarre ones.”

A spokesperson for the Vendée fire service confirmed to The Connexion that the incident really did take place. She said the man was somewhat dazed after being rescued but was not injured at all.

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