Frost warnings, storms and snow at 500m as temperatures in France drop

Cold winds from British Isles will keep temperatures cool over the weekend

It is a far cry from last weekend, where temperatures above 32C were recorded in parts of central France
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Gardens across France are at risk of a late attack of frost in the next few days after a drop in temperatures and bitter winds bring brisk mornings. 

A brief but fierce storm across eastern and central France today (April 18) will also see cold winds mix with rain, bringing snow to areas of 500m above sea level and higher. 

Hills and mountains in the northern Alps, Vosges, Jura, and Massif Central ranges will all see snowfall, with up to 30cm falling by the end of today in the Alps. 

Less than a week after summer-like weather – which saw multiple April heat records broken – temperatures across the entire country dropped swiftly on Monday (April 15).

They have remained significantly cooler than average – particularly in the morning – and today nowhere in France is predicted to see a temperature of 20C or higher. 

Tomorrow (April 19) temperatures of 20C are only expected on the Spanish border or the western Mediterranean coastline.

The coolest temperatures will mainly be felt in the north of France, and around the Massif Central.

There are warnings of frosts in these areas, particularly for tomorrow (April 19) morning. 

Drivers in some central and eastern departments are facing tier-two yellow warnings over icy road conditions due to frost. 

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The cooler temperatures will last into the weekend as anticyclone winds from the British Isles hit cover most of France. 

However, morning temperatures will be warmer, with the risk of frost reduced.

Some rainfall is expected in the north, particularly on Saturday (April 20), but a storm is currently not predicted. 

As a reminder, you can keep up with all weather warnings on the official Météo France website

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